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What Makes a Business Name Brandable?

The global brands of today all seem to have catchy names yet for bootstrapped startups. These short names are expensive to invest in and hard to come by. But a brandable name is not necessarily a short name. Brandables are creative and sticky, but most of all, unique. Coming up with one of these names is hard, but not for a smart engine like NameOyster. We know if a name has the potential to become a brand, and we enjoy creating these gems.

Name Your Business The Smart Way

Successful entrepreneurs are aware their time is the most valuable tool and won't waste theirs picking a business name. Finding a compelling business name early in the game not only saves you time in starting your business but will also save you from ever needing to rebrand down the road. A memorable and catchy name can help advance your business into a dominant brand and a household name. NameOyster focuses on business naming and offers an intelligent algorithm that aims to understand your preferences as well as a predictive engine that captures market trends in startup naming and delivers both in the intuitive search experience.

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